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Staining a deck in full sun

7 years ago
I need to stain my deck, and I know it's never a good idea to paint or stain in full sun. However, the deck gets full sun from 9-9:30 AM until sunset. The deck is rather large, so at that rate it's going to take me the whole week to stain it.

I have read mixed opinions about it; some state that it will cause peeling in a very short time, some say it will cause blotchiness and/or make it more difficult to apply, others say it will make it less resistant to our Canadian winters. I asked the owner of a well respected paint store where I bought the stain (BM Arborcoat solid colour stain) and he said the only downside is that it makes it more difficult to keep a wet edge, but if I do only one board at a time and work fast it wouldn't affect the durability of the stain.

Who's right? Should I set tarps/umbrellas above the deck and work in sections, moving the tarps/umbrellas along as I make progress?


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