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Thinking about giving up on organic lawn care

7 years ago

I've been doing organic lawn for about 3 years and am not happy with the results. I have an organic company that the sprays and fertilizes the lawns and trees/shrubs etc. I also have about 6 compost bins going. I will continue composting and using that but am not happy with my lawn.
It does not look bad from far but up close it is thin.
We have had it aerated and set hatched and I have been spreading compost 2x per year as well as the compost tea spray and other things my fertilizer guy does. It is just not thick and full like I am used to in the past.
We have done a soil test and he has treated it appropriately but still not happy.
I have a sprinkler system and have it running for an hour in each area each week to get about an inch of water per watering. I adjust as needed with the temps and rain.
I push organic with my buddies and make fun of them for "polluting" their yards with harmful Chems but their yards look way better then mine.
Anyone care to talk me out of it?

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