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Rooftop Deck Add on

8 years ago

I enjoy asking this forum for ideas and suggestions. I recognize common names and everyone seems to really provide a decent suggestion or comment. I really appreciate the help in advance.

I am getting ready to start a build with a builder. I know they will go over details and cost, but really was curious. In my area, a 2000 sq ft home in the city metro is going for about 250k. Any less, and you can start to see the areas they cut cost. The community is a 2000 sq ft min.

One thing I really would like but I understand my budget is small is I would really like to have a view of the sky. Where I plan on building my plot, it will be in view of 2 ponds on the new development. However, I am on the other side of the street from it. My thought was to incorporate a rooftop deck so I could view the daytime sky, the stars at night, and the ponds. However, how much extra does that run up a custom home? There might be plans out there that have it already, but didn't know it's that's just a millionaire build.

I live in Oklahoma with hail, wind and rain and sometimes snow. Can rooftop decks be safe in this area or is that a NYC type of thing?

Many many thanks!!

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