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Low-E 366 or just Low-E or nothing?

7 years ago

I live in New York (Westchester) and have a 1926 tudor home that needs all new windows. We are finalizing our order and noticed that the glass is low-E 366. I know that is super energy efficient, but I'm worried about how much darker this will be. Right now our old windows (original) have no coating, and we really appreciate how light-filled our home feels. I just don't want that light to be adversely affected, and cannot seem to find pictures of Low-E 366 vs. Low-E vs. uncoated windows, so I can see the difference. I would appreciate any advice on this topic! We are ok giving up some energy efficiency for increased light, but don't know if there is a visible cut in the light enough to justify the downgrade on glass light emission. Thank you!!!

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