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Inspiration to integrate Asian style in New England landscape

Maisie (6b)
6 years ago

We are removing a small grove of hemlocks lost to adelgid. It will open up about a 30 x 50 foot space under the canopy of very tall mature oaks. My DH has expressed an interest in a Asian or more specifically Japanese style garden area. He loves the tranquility and elegance of these spaces. I do too but am not quite sure how to approach it. The most inspiring of these spaces are tended to by deeply dedicated, talented gardeners on a daily if not hourly basis and tie in remarkable views. Most of my searching for inspiration of how to bring this into an American garden has turned up images that are more about "stuff" (lanterns, fountains) than overall style. Given that we are starting with the oaks and shade Does anyone have thoughts on how to approach this?

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