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Correcting roots without digging up tree

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

THe first few trees I put in the fall of 2014 were planted improperly. I dug up two last fall and did some work on them, a Karpick Maple and a Sunset. The Sunset had a disastrous clump of a mess, but got replanted anyway, not much root left after major surgey -- should have dumped it for a better speciman....the new growth died back this spring. Anyway, two more need to be done. The problem is they are big, a Sugar Maple and White oak. The Oak took two of us to get in the ground. I wonder if I could correct the roots by using a hand auger digging down in quarters around the root ball and get a reciprocating saw blade to cut and then pull some root out. Pulling the Oak out just is not going to happen. I had to wrestle enough with the much smaller trees. With the Oak roots grabbing out some and the weight added from two seasons of growth by this fall I'd end up breaking my back and likely damage the tree.

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