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Front door / exterior design advice needed please!

6 years ago

We just replaced our windows and siding. The siding in person is a greenish gray color. The roof is newer and is called weathered wood, it reads mostly brown with gray/black mixed in a little. Next project is a new front door! (Also on list for future is driveway, new walkway, landscaping and possibly front porch railings...someday!)

I'm having hard time deciding what color/type door. One factor is I really need a storm/screen door. We took ours off just recently because I like the way it looks better without one and I wanted to see if I could live without one but after one week I realize I can't! I like having front door open throughout the day, waiting for bus to come mainly and also just for light and fresh air.

I also don't know now what kind of door to get...which color and if I want any glass or not, color for sidelights etc. I love stained wood doors on their own, but I'm not sure how that would look on my house, Im not usually crazy about stained wood doors against brick. Plus the shutters are black, would wood go? What about wood stained door and storm door with white sidelights? My husband thinks we should get a black door. I wouldn't mind black but I'm afraid of it all looking harsh.

I saw a beautiful wood storm door in a showroom. I'm starting to lean towards basing my decision around getting that because its the only thing I've seen that I really loved. But if I have a wood stained storm door, what should go behind it? the wood storm door is expensive so to go out and splurge on a good fiberglass wood toned door might end up over budget. Would a wood stained storm door over a painted black (or other color) steel door look odd?

I know wood has more maintenance but I'm hoping since our porch is covered and we only get a couple hours of early morning sunlight on the front of house it won't be a huge commitment. Wishful thinking?

Just don't know what to do, any suggestions on what would look best on my house, factoring in I need a storm door?


Below is a mockup I did with one of my favorite types of doors. (and I tried to draw white posts and a slate walkway). But I don't know if I like it?! And I don't know if I want to splurge on this door if I'm going to cover it with a storm door. I know there are storm doors with full glass but I still think it takes away from the look of the front door.

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