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Need help on proper fit / install / trim for Bosch slide-in range

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Hello all -

My contractor is halfway through installing my new Bosch slide-in range, model HDI8054UC. But something doesn't look right.

I am a bit confused about how it is supposed to look at the back of the counter. The range has a lip that hangs over each side so that it sits flush on the counter, which looks very nice. That is until you get to the rear. The trim on the sides terminates about an inch or two shy of the back of the unit. So even if I slid the unit all the way in so that it is touching the back wall, on each side there is still that inch or two at the back where there is an unseemly gap. Seems like crumbs etc. would just constantly fall in there. I'm surprised that it is designed to actually look that way. Am I missing something?

It almost looks like there is some kind of metal trim/vent kit or something on the back of the unit right now that should be taken off? I would prefer to take it off and just add a 1-2" strip of my quartz counter behind the unit (I still have the slab remnants, so it would be doable), and then the lip would sit flush on top of counter all the way around the sides and the back?

Sorry if I sound confused. (I am.)

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. I just want to understand how this is *supposed* to be done.


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