Re-designing kitchen - need help with floor and backsplash

5 years ago

We are re doing our small/medium sized kitchen and have already purchased cabinets (see photo) as a starting point.

I am finding the vast array of backsplash and flooring options overwhelming, and would love some input!

I would like to find nice tile for the backsplash that has a touch of a unique and/or handcrafted feel to it, but without the high price tag. I love what Pratt and Larson offers, but I think it will be too expensive. Have also seen some nice mosaics with Lunada Bay, but they don't seem to sell field tile.

Regarding the floor, we currently have some kind of old linoleum, which I actually like in terms of the softness, and the fact that it doesn't get cold in the winter. But I think in terms of upgrading our home I would like to use something "better" for our re design, such as ceramic, wood or even cork (although not sure I like the look of cork). Whatever I choose needs to hold up well for a kitchen that is used for daily cooking, baking etc.

We would like to use Caesarstone, possibly Dreamy Marfil, Buttermilk, Blue Lagos, or another warm color.

I would like to create a welcoming feel for our kitchen, with just a touch of sophistication and or artistic flair.

All suggestions related to choosing tile and flooring options (companies, styles) are welcome!

Starting point

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