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Builder extremely rude-not sure what to do

7 years ago

I have to just warn that this might get long so sorry!

So we've been working on our house and have about 2 months left to completion. We've been working with our builder (who is the owner of his building company) and his son who's also a builder. When we started out they were very kind/polite and easy to work with. But as time has gone on when things don't go as planned he gets very irritated and speaks to me as if I'm a child. He's around his 60's and I'm almost 40. I tried to brush off before but today might have been my last straw.

We have two large but ugly/old trees in the front yard that he wanted to set our driveway in between the two trees. There is only about 25' space between the two trees and he was wanting to put a 16' driveway in between the two trees. That would only leave about 5 ft from tree to driveway. I had a concern that the roots might break the driveway over time or we could kill the trees. So I met with a certified arborist today and he confirmed what I suspected. He said the two trees are in terrible condition with lots of dead wood and mistletoe. He stated that we could try to preserve it but the process is expensive and not guaranteed to work. The roots would be killed when the builder digs away dirt to build the driveway as well. He gave his unbiased expertise without trying to sell any other service. In our city we have to get a permit before doing anything to trees.

So I call my builder up to tell him get permit to get rid of two front trees as well as back trees we had discussed before. He gets upset and we have a back and forth 30 minute conversation. The thing that got me upset is he brings up my back patio (which I'm not even calling about). He told me that "you better start picking up your patio floor covering so we can get started on that Do you understand?!" in a very rude tone as if talking to his child. I was so upset that he spoke to me in such a condesending and rude tone. I wanted to yell at him but I stayed composed and told him I'm not trying to get him upset.

Has anybody ever had their builder be so rude to them? I'm at a lost. He's so upset about my request when it's my damn house!

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