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Just received an order today from RVR

Rogue Valley Roses is a place I shop occasionally and have been to their place full of roses. I just want to say this order is the best looking order I have ever received from them. No brown wood anywhere except at the very bases, new canes have grown up and the 2 roses I specifically placed this order for, 'Felicite Parmentier' and 'Botzaris' look like brand new little plants, nothing old or woody, they should take right off. I did get a bit of a shock opening the box as there was a garish orange flower but then I realized it was the free rose I ordered, 'Brown Velvet'. Even the mystery rose looks exciting, has the leaves of 'Stanwell Perpetual' and othe spinossima hybrids. Can't wait. Perhaps ordering from the "newly stocked favorites" is the way to go? I could do with a little less packing tape but I thought about what Christopher said about "removing the box from the roses" instead of the other way around :)

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