Advice or suggestions needed for built-in looking closet/wardrobe!

5 years ago
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I have a reach in closet that takes up one wall of a room (11 ft x 8 ft. high). It has old cheap doors on a track that hang from the ceiling. It is all completely open ... no drywall header or sides ... the only thing making it a closet is the doors on a track. I've ripped it out and want to replace it with a built-in looking type closet with doors and possibly some drawers.

I considered a Pax hack, but when I went to look at them, all the doors look really cheap and the closets themselves are barely deep enough to hold clothes, much less heavy jackets and coats. I'm also not a big fan of particle board. I haven't completely ruled them out, but am looking for a better option. Preferably a DIY type thing.

Can anyone recommend a source for wardrobe closets, either ready made or ready to assemble, with sizes that could be configured into a wardrobe/closet? The interior would need to be at least 24 inches deep, preferably 27 inches, and they would need to go nearly to the ceiling. The ceiling is 8 ft. and I would want to add trim to the sides and crown molding to the top to give it a built-in look.

Any suggestions?

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