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Spiral staircase and railing help!

ms b
6 years ago

I just moved into a home built in 1969 and I don't love the ornate wrought iron (?) spiral staircase and attached railing. It was painted glossy white when I moved in--I repainted it black, but still don't love it.

Having a spiral staircase doesn't bother me (the lower level has a walkout, so furniture and such isn't a problem), I just want a more contemporary look, while still staying true to the overall age/look of the house. Maybe cable or glass? I don't like scrolls or knuckles, etc. Any suggestions?

Also, I pulled the gross carpet out of the stair tread pans and got bids for flooring, but the flooring places I talked to won't put hardwood or laminate in the stair pans due to some sort of expansion concern. Then I thought I'd have concrete poured in the treads, but was quoted $3500 for the dozen or so treads, which seemed really pricey and made me wonder if it would make more sense to just save up and replace the whole thing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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