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Help! First time growing rhubarb.

7 years ago

I have always loved rhubarb. Growing up we had a plant that just grew and grew for decades, never had any issues. Now I'm trying to do it myself...

Bought a small plant from my local nursery. Planted it in a large cedar pot, since I move a lot (every year or so). Was hoping to take it with me. I know that's not ideal. Pot is about 3' diameter, 2' deep. Full sun, plenty of water (maybe too much? it's been raining like crazy). Zone 6b.

It started growing well, putting out several nice large leaves and a handful of smaller ones, then one by one the leaves have been turning yellow and dying. Just one at a time. Usually the small ones first, that have more shade from the other leaves. I just noticed some small red spots on a couple leaves as well. What should I try first? Here's my ideas...

1. Moving to partial shade. It's pretty hot here, 90's lately.

2. Less water, drill holes in the bottom of the pot to make sure it drains well.

3. Repot it with sandier soil (I used standard potting soil from garden store).

4. It's fungus. Burn the whole thing with fire and try again.

Thanks for your help!

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