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So I've decided that I want to move the New Dawn bush, when should I?

So last year I was looking for a climber to plant against my garage. I came to all you wonderful rose enthusiasts for suggestions and you all warned me to reconsider the ND choice. Which I spoke with DH about the concerns you all mentioned and for whatever reason he took that as a challenge (men! Well SOME men, lol can't group you all together seeing a bunch of you on here know better than to have planted it there!) so he ran right out and planted it against the garage. It's now in its second year and still just a baby as far as size goes, which I'm okay with. It barely clears the lilies foliage. But the more I'm thinking (obsessing) about it I really want to move it to grow on my chain link fence seeing I have about 70' open for it to get as crazy as it wants to. Plus it will aid in creating a screen from neighbors across the street. So what is the best way/time that you all would recommend moving this future monster? Do you think it will die if I did now? It hasn't been really dry here (not really wet either though) and it's freezing out right now where I live (Massachusetts) it's currently 57 degrees out! Yikes lol, so not like we're in a heat wave or anything...curious to hear your thoughts. Also I'm not sure if I have the repeat blooming ND or not seeing it's just putting out blooms now. So I was thinking of planting a 'Viking Queen' close to it so maybe I can get them to 'mingle' so in the chance I have one that doesn't repeat I will at least have blooms from VQ to add color to the foliage mass that will be there, you think those would work okay together? Sorry for my constant questions hahaha.

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