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Should I re-pot my flowers?

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

I'm kinda new to full time gardening, I've always had a green thumb. I'm in zone 9, I started my dwarf marigolds and semi dwarf zinnias early may from seeds in 3 inch pots. They've been in those pots since. Now they're about 6 inches tall. I'm wondering if I should repot them in bigger pots, or if the 3 inch pots are okay.

Details: using ground-in flower and vegetable soil, plastic 3 inch wide and tall pots, I put 1 Jobes fertilizer spike in each pot, I water them from ground level, I rotate them everyday, and when I put them in full sunlight they start wilting (is that because they're still too young?)

I take them off the plate after they absorbed the water to get an even flow of air, and sunlight.

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