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Help identifying baby succulents and care tips

7 years ago


I bought two baby succulents in a nursery two weeks ago but they couldn't tell me which varieties they are. I've tried in other websites, with no luck. I'm especially worried about the green one because since I brought it home its looking worse and leaning towards one side. The stem has turned reddish rather than white, and I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

I transplanted them into clay pots with cactai & succulent soil (one part loam, another sand, and another peat). I water them sparingly (about once a week, and always checking that the soil has dried) and they are placed indoors, on a west-facing windowsill. It's been pretty sunny in London since I've brought them, so they have been exposed to sunlight for at least 4 hours per day and to indirect daylight for longer.

The third picture is of a crassula that I rescued from the office, where it had lived for three years with no natural light at all, no sunlight, and being overwatered by other people. I'm determined to help it simply as a reward for not giving up. Could you help me to identify which variety of crassula it is please? I compare it with pictures in internet but I'm not sure. When I brought it home two months ago the leaves were much bigger, the stem couldn't stand still and the green was darker (no purple at all like now). I never saw any new leaves appearing during the months I looked at it in the office.

The plant is now in the same mix than the other two, in a clay pot. It spends most of the time outdoors, on an east-facing windowsill. I bring it inside only when the weather forecast predicts heavy rain / storms.

I've had a look at the root system and it is rather poor and brownish. I only saw a couple of whiteish roots.

I'm currently watering the crassula once per week.

Do you have any recommendations to help this plant to recover faster or look better?

Many thanks in advance for your help :)

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