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Removed two tiles to fit new toilet....Two questions

Project Tackler
6 years ago

(also posted on bathrooms forum)

Hi everyone!

We are currently renovating a brick ranch built in 1968.

Upgraded toilet this weekend to something more updated. 12" rough-in toilet had to be our pick. The actual measurement was 11-1/4" so we had to remove two of the baseboard tiles in order to accommodate the neck on the back of the base. Fits perfectly. This led to two questions, though:

1) How do we cut the two tiles to fit back? We are not handy people when it comes to tile. We were told to take them to Lowes and they'd cut them for us. But how do you cut tile in a curved fashion? And how do we go about creating the "pattern" for cutting?

2) This is a typical 60s bathroom, hexagonal tile laid on top of poured concrete base. I freaked out when I saw the black stuff in the photo below, about 1" of it from the concrete base up onto the wall behind the tile. Is this mold/mildew? If so, how common is seeing this when ripping out tile this old? I really hope it's the kind that doesn't cause illness -- because we REALLY, really want to try to preserve the original tile floors if possible. ( Note: Had a clear inspection report other than the crawlspace being 1-2% away from being too much moisture. Probable causes (1. inadequate moisture barrier and 2. nonexistent rain gutters on the back of the house).....both are about to be remedied/repaired in the next month or so.)

Pics below.

Thanks much!

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