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New Poster - seeking advice on our floor plan

Scott Westbrook
6 years ago

Some information: Young couple planning this to be our forever home. So need to plan for current life and future. Hope to have 2 kids. With a recent MS diagnosis we have to account that a wheelchair could be a future necessity - but for right now healthy and living life with the best hopes that won't be the future. Front of house faces east and an easement road that gives access to one wooded lot to the north. North is acres of wood and wetland before reaching other currently empty lot. West (back of house) is more trees and a creek. South is bridge over creek to main road and another lot that currently has a home built on it. Distance away but still visible.

This is a custom design we made on our ipad then had an architect draw up. Would love any feedback or thoughts before we move forward and lock in the layout. Have already taken so much great advice from this forum so thanks to all for past and future advice!

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