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How do you amend your onion beds?

7 years ago

I have been pretty successful at organic gardening for the last few years, but a few plants that I grow could do better, one of which is onions. I live in the south, so I only grow short day varieties (mainly 10-15Y, white and yellow granex). I plant transplants from the bunches that you get at the local feed stores (I know, not organic) but I raise them organically once their mine. I can grow them fine, they just don't get as big as a lot of the onions that I see at farmers markets and stores.

I amend my beds with bone meal, blood meal, and of course, plenty of compost. I also add some rock dust to help our sandy soil. I'll give them a couple of doses of fish and seaweed liquid while they are small to help get them going too. I also mulch with ground leaves to keep the soil compacting through our seasonal rains.

I was just wondering if any of you have success growing big onions organically? I know it's definitely possible, and my onions get bigger every year, but I'm still yet to grow consistently good sized onions. I plan on starting my own transplants from seed next year, to see if my results improve (and then we'll really be organic).

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