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Taking care of bed on north side of the house, rocks or mulch?

6 years ago

I know what you guys are thinking after reading the title. No this is not another usual rocks vs mulch question! I have read lot of discussion on rocks vs mulch here and I myself is a victim of my previous house owner's mistake. I have been replacing all lava rocks with mulch in my front yard and it is going on for three years.

My question is on the bed (not sure you call it a bed. It is just the 2-3 ft space along the foundation) north side of the house. This part of the house has large maple trees and does not get much sun light. Most of the year, it is very damp. There are some yucca plants which I going to dig out. Previous owner placed lava rocks on top of a thick plastic cover. It appears that this worked for over 30 years as I barely saw any weeds 3 years back. Now the situation is getting worse. Weeds are every where as the plastic cover is deteriorated and not effective anymore. I do not want to plant anything this side of the house. So is it OK to put new plastic cover and then cover with rocks? I can put mulch instead of rocks but this side of the house is damp and I see lot insects lurking around the rocks. I am afraid mulch will make situation even worse. What do you guys think?

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