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Ready to renovate 30 year old kithen and need help with a layout

bemonkey Zone 7 South New Jersey
7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Kitchen · More Info

Kitchen · More Info

My husband and I finally decided to renovate our kitchen. We have been planning to do this for years but were not ready financially to undergo this renovation. We have a rancher house from 1970-s and the kitchen is probably from the same period. We have lived in this house for 15 years. We are not sure if we will be staying in this house forever. Have some plans to move out but we do not know how quickly that can happen. And if we do move, we do not know yet if we will rent or sell the house. So, we do not want to spend a lot of many on the kitchen we are not sure that we will be using form years to come. But, we also want to make this renovation efficient, within budget, functional and selling point if we do decide to sell the house.

A little bit about us:

We are a family of 5, three children (9, 7 and 3 years old).

We do not have time to entertaining and make big parties (only few times a year) so do not want to design the kitchen around that point.

We cook a lot, almost never go out or buy take off food. We cook almost everything from scratch, so a lot of prepping is happening in our kitchen. I am a main cook and love cooking. My husband cooks occasionally. When I have some time I like photographing food. Right know this is a hobby but might turn into a business.

We bake a lot. Let me just tell you, we bake our bread every two/three days a week. I make pizza and other pastries all the time. That means that my mixer is best left on the countertop. :) Would appreciate counter spice where I can roll out my dough. I have a wall oven and cook top now and would love to be able to design the kitchen to keep the. But would be open to cook stove as well.

We both work full time. When I get home I go to the kitchen and spend almost all of my afternoon there.

We eat in the kitchen a lot but that kitchen table is also my prep and baking area. Would love to take that out and make more counter space.

We also eat a lot at the dining room table. I love sitting together as family and as children get bigger I plan on doing that more often. When we entertain, we make formal dinners and have guest sit around dining table.

Next to the kitchen is laundry/mud room that we are planning on opening and extending the kitchen cabinets into it. We still need to have that as laundry/mud room as well for we do not have much space to move this somewhere else. There is a door that leads from mud room to our backyard. Another door lead from mud room to the garage and this pathway is used as often as main entrance for grocery. Also, I am avid gardener and I need this space to be easily cleaned when I come with dirt from my garden. We have a small vegetable garden and I bring and clean a lot of vegetables from my garden. Then, there is the swimming pool, so we use this area to come from swimming pool into the house, as well.

Children do not have a desk for homework. They use dining room table for homework.

I do not have an official pantry. My pantry is the big wall shelf in the garage. Being that we cook a lot we have a lot of food in the "pantry". I have fridge/freezer in the kitchen and another freezer and fridge in the garage. Would love to have small one at least so I can keep absolute necessities, or if we get more cabinets I can dedicate it for food only.

We do not use microwave or coffee maker. We would only consider adding microwave so we have that if we decide to sell the house.

We tend to keep onto things to long which results in clutter so designing a spice where we can keep things would benefit our habits. But, we plan on changing that habit, too.

Attached is the plan that shows the layout of our living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry/mud room. We are still working on making precise plan with all the dimensions. We are debating how to design the layout. Should we keep the kitchen closed or should we go with the open plan. If we go with the open plan we are thinking:

1. to knock down the wall between dining room and kitchen and living room and kitchen

2. or, to knock down wall between dining room and kitchen

  1. or, to knock down wall between living room (which is bearing wall) and kitchen.

Things I do not like with current kitchen:

  1. No hood. Cabinets and areas get oily
  2. Not enough prepping space
    and storage space
  3. Draining of dishes on the countertop
  4. No dishwasher
  5. Amount of lights or no
    light under the cabinets
  6. No room for laptop and/or
    cook books rack
  7. No pantry
  8. No trash can
  9. Need space on both sides
    of cook top to place hot pans

Things I like about current kitchen:

  1. Window and view to the
  2. Having two sinks
  3. Having wall oven
  4. Having cook top

We have a budget of around $10,000. My husband is pretty handy and plans of doing a lot of work himself. His best friend is also experienced in renovating kitchens and will help. Hope this is a realistic budget.

We like a contemporary still. I would love to heat your experienced feedback. Please let me know what do you think.

Thank you.

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