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Need color advice for the whole house, help!

Hello all, we like neutral light/white colors. We just moved to a new house and I am using the SAME colors I had in my old house and they look totally different because I have SO much more light in the new house. It's VERY frustrating.

Entrance foyer/living room: So far I have used SW Eider White for living room and some common areas. Doesn't look the same as I said, and it's a cold white/grey. So I am looking for another warm white color for the rest of the house. I tried SW Creamy and it looks to yellowish in the house.

Dining room: major issues here. I have tried so many colors. I want to go with a beachy light color, something between grey/green/blue. I painted it BM Stonington Grey and again it doesn't look the same as my old house. In here looks colder and more grey. I thought it had more green undertones. Any recommendation for the dining room with a beachy color in mind?

Now I need another color for upstairs that look harmonic with SW Eider white.

Any input is GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!!!

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