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Please diagnose my Yucca

Violet Blackwould
7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

I love this guy. He's in my dining room. No sun, I'm afraid. I was told he would be ok in this corner as long as I under-water. The landscaper I bought him from told me this (although maybe she just wanted to make a sale haha!).

He looked amazing for the 3 months I've had him. I only watered twice or thrice in that time! I checked soil every day and only watered when my entire hand came out dry. It took forever to feel dry! (I live in Asia. Full tropics, high humidity.)

He had bright green new growth in 3 months! But slowly the new growth looked like it was breaking in the middle. Almost like someone put something on top of it. (Nobody did, don't worry).

After my last watering, the whole plant started to look.. disheveled. Leaves weren't cascading nicely.. And the new growth started to look droopy.

A few leaves started getting brown tips too. Here's how he looks now. I feel he's sad. Can you help?

Look at the new growth here. See how they seem to all be breaking in the same spot?:

Same for the new growth in the higher trunk. Some breakage on the leaves:

And here are photos of the brown tips on some leaves:

Should I get him outdoors to the sun? If I do, can I put him back in his corner here after or should I leave him outdoors?

I really want him in this spot. He makes the whole room look amazing. Should I get him a grow light?

Is he thirsty? Or did I overwater? (How can I, he only had a few drinks in 3 months haha!)

In case you need to know, he is potted in garden soil (I potted him myself). Rocks are top dressing only, and his pot has a drain hole.

Thank you in advance!

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