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Fibre-cement trim vs cellular PVC

8 years ago

Looking for actual real-life examples of which trim may be better for us:

We live in Manitoba Canada. Hot humid summer, very dry, cold winters.

Our house will be adjacent to a natural poplar tree stand (read: SWAMP!) that has at least 6 different varieties of ants, most of which seem to love chewing up wood.

I've heard PVC may be less desireable due to thermal expansion, and higher cost. Uncertain if it needs to be repainted after X years. Can be stained to match the trim of our front door.

Fibre-cement Board is what my builder is proposing. Cheaper, can only be painted, not stained, and despite it being 'carpenter ant resistant' I'm wondering if it actually holds up in real life. (Rest of our home will be ICF, so actually ant-resistant).

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