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Japanese Maples.Dieback in Containerized Trees.Gardengal - Mike

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Hi guys

Just messaging the Forum to ask about Dieback in Containerized Japanese Maples.

Is there anyway to avoid this ?

There appears to be a kind of Inevitability of it happening and as many of you are aware it can significantly affect the overall look of the Tree.It can be just a few tips or sometimes the whole of 1 side of a Tree

Are there preventative measures that can be taken to avoid this.Is Dieback is a natural Occurence in Japanese Maples.Gardengal on previous posts has emphasized the importance of Protection from the Cold Elements during Wintertime.Any additional Tips would be appreciated.

Happy Gardening

Stephen,Cheshire,UK,(Zone 8)

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  • houzi
    6 years ago

    As you say,there's not a great deal you can do Stephen,JMs being a comparitively soft bark plant(and I believe named so somewhere)will often get die back on the youngest growth.Some more than others,the thin twigs are easily damaged by the elements and infections.When large portions of die back occur it's usually a sign of something else,more often an infection.All I can suggest is use a copper spray at fall time to help keep out infections and shelter from the worst of the elements,though not always possible.Also don't fertilise late in the year encouraging new growth that won't harden off before dormancy.
    I now spray copper every year as we rarely have freezing temps anymore in the south to slow down the spread of infections during plants suffer greatly.

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  • privatejapanesemaplesanctuary
    Original Author
    6 years ago

    Thanks very much Houzi for that helpful Information

    Is the Copper sprayed over the entire Tree during Fall Time ?

    What brand are you using please.

    Thank you


  • houzi
    6 years ago

    Yes,spray the whole tree and it wouldn't hurt to repeat it again during the dormant season.Actually it was Bordeaux mix(a mixture of copper&lime used in france for ages) I was using until recently.It has now been withdrawn from sale by Eu regs. but a 'copper mixture' is still being sold as a replacement.I think you'll have no trouble finding it in any garden centre...Vitax is one of the brands available.