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Something is eating entire rose buds on one rose. How to prevent?

I bought a David Austin Crown Princess Margareta just a few weeks ago. Shortly after planting one morning I came out to my back yard to check out how it's doing and almost all buds were completely gone. The following morning all of them were gone except for the one that was already in bloom. Some of the leaves stems were also broken. Whatever it was it ate a few of my Bishop's Castle buds but never went back for more. I have quite a few other roses on the other side of the yard but never had this problem. I don't have deer in my area so the only thing I can think of is squirrels or a rabbit that I had spotted in front of my house the other day. BTW I do have like 4 or 5 squirrels that roam around the tree in my back yard. What can it be and how to prevent it before my Princess Margareta disappears on me one day :(((

Here is the only bloom of my Princess Margareta that I've enjoyed so far. I love it so much and really want to keep her around

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