Interlocking redwood planter boxes -- how to get a clean seal?

Chris B
5 years ago

I'm making raised planter beds and liked the look of interlocking corners that I saw online -- here's an example from an artist in Vermont:

I'm attempting this myself and have 2 questions:

1) What tool would you use to notch the end of the boards to get the cleanest/straightest cuts? I used a chop saw and then jigsaw, but wonder what would be ideal? I have access to plenty of tools from the tool library in my town.

2) Any suggestions on how to get a nice tight fit, for aesthetics purposes? I'm using rough redwood 2x8s, so maybe the 'rough' is the problem. I'm getting decent connections but not great.

Here's my results so far -- serviceable but if I can get a tighter fit I'd like to:

Ignore the cracked area on the bottom notch -- I can avoid that problem on the next corner!

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