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Windows for new build in San Francisco Bay Area

7 years ago

We have narrowed our window choices to 3 for a new build. The home is being built in Contra Costa County in the San Francisco Bay Area and we out of our wits end on which direction we should go. I am here to get unbiased views from Window professionals and will probably make a decision based on what you guys recommend. I feel like whoever i reach out to always has a motive as they might sell one brand a lot and use marketing to sway you into buying their product. People ask which windows are the best and I think the window that fits our budget and feels and looks comfortable to use is the one we should go for. We have a month or so of 90-100 degree weather in a year and that is all in terms of extremities of weather.

Our choices are as follows and they are all white on white -

  1. Simonton Daylight MAX (7300)
  2. Andersen 100 Series
  3. Milgard Tuscany

After seeing bids come in I noticed the Andersen’s were the priciest and the Simonton was the least expensive. I perceive the Milgard having the best bang for the buck in terms of warranty(lifetime) compared to the other two(limited lifetime warranty) but also like the sleek frames of the Simonton and the Andersen. I am unsure which one performs the best. They all look close in terms of Ufactor, SGHC..

Installation is definitely key and assuming install was done correctly, which of the three would you pick if money was not an issue and why?

Thank you for reading my post and looking forward to your advice and opinions.

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