Looking to trade for heuschkeliana

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

I have a small pot of H. heuschkeliana IML 0832 that was given to me, and would like to add some other types of the species to it, for a multicolored community pot. I assume this is the pink version, but correct me if there is another one out there. I would like to find yellow, and the variegated type, or anyone with dark pink/red blooms.

I am just looking for small cuttings, and have a few things to offer as possible trades. Hoyas I could do cuttings of are:

H. bella

H. javanica

H. carnosa "Krimson Queen"

H. lacunosa "snocaps" (mine isnt super splashy)

I also have a small rooted H. australis sp australis, and a single node rooted cutting of diversifolia.

And in the non Hoya world, I have a rooted jade, Aloe wansley "bronze" and Aloe vera pups, Haworthia attenuata pups, and cuttings of red blooming Epiphyllum cactus. Oh yeah, and if African violets are your thing, have a couple young plants of a lavender flowered type that blooms like a beast.

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