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Paint Job on Custom Kitchen Cabinets vs. Semi-Custom Cabinets?

7 years ago

We're finally renovating the original kitchen in my 1972 era house. I know I want white shaker kitchen cabinets and I original thought to go with CliqStudios which is an online cabinet maker. From my research it seems their cabinets are well built, the customer service seems to be okay and I really liked the color and style of their shaker cabinet. Going with them would also be our most economical option. Recently we also talked to a cabinet maker who's price is about $6000 more but the cabinets would be totally custom which is very appealing and we started leaning towards using him. My biggest concern going with the custom guy (besides the price) is that I'm really concerned with the quality of the paint job. My thought is that a company or business, that all they do is make cabinets, their paint job has got to be a better and stronger finish than someone who makes beautiful cabinets but on a much smaller scale. Does anyone have experience or thoughts about this? Does anyone with custom painted cabinets notice their paint job isn't holding up well or the quality of the finish of the paint is somehow lacking?

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