Compact Miele Rocks a King Duvet Cover

6 years ago

This was end-of-season wash day for my Diamond matelasse (i.e. quilted) duvet cover. And I trust this video will put to rest the myth that a Miele compact (3035) cannot handle a king size cover. It can and easily. Here's a beauty shot of the duvet. Love me that mercerized cotton sheen!

I washed it on the Pillows cycle with about 1-1/2 tbsp of Le Blanc. First the load was balanced with a spin, then easily washed. When time came to rinse, I caught the water being added with the sluice action. And, as you can see, the water level is very good and I do not yet have water plus enabled (though thanks to Alex I will soon).

My compact Miele rocked this, spun it nearly dry and it's not tumbling. Once it's out it gets folded away for the summer and will be ready to go for duvet season.

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