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Newish Bermuda Sod - New to lawn care

7 years ago

Hello all, lots of great discussions here and I'm learning a lot, just was hoping to post some pics and get some suggestions.

i recently bought a new construction house, with Bermuda that was laid in November 2015. I am located in Temple, TX about an hour north of Austin.

about two months ago it finally all grew together, but I am wondering how long it will take to get real full and deep green like all these beautiful lawns I see.

About a month ago I fertilized, and I am watering three times a week for 15 minutes per zone. The ground here is real hard.

Should I be watering more frequently, or cut down to once a week for longer to get that inch and get the water down deep?

Am i being impatient and it hasn't been developed long enough to start filling in and getting thick and deep green. It definitely is in the shady areas.

pictures attached. Any advice for this newbie would be appreciated.

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