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Small home for a large family

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Hi, we are looking at building in the next year. We are going to try and do most/some of it ourselves. We're not contractors so we'll be enlisting the help of a friend who has built his own house as well. Basically, I love the look of the colonial saltbox and I've been reading on here that it is an economical building style. We are a family of 6... Our two older kids (15 and 10) are only with us every other weekend. We also have a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old who live with us full time. We would like to attempt to build a house around 1500 sq ft. We will need 4 bdrms plus a room for my Esthetician business. Our older kids rooms can be pretty small (We've made a deal with them..ha). Also the downstairs bath can be small with just a standup shower. Upstairs, I would like to have our master, a full bath, washer/dryer and our youngest kids' rooms. I would like to get creative in their room with the roof loft beds for them and their room on the floor space underneath (they will likely be over a year older when we even start building). I figure this will help with square footage needed for their shared room. Lastly, I have my heart set on a galley type kitchen that will have to jut out from the back as it is lined on both sides with windows (I know this will be a big expense). My question is, is all of this doable in 1500 sq ft, with a saltbox and has anyone seen a floor plan that is anything like this?

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