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HELP! - Japanese White Pine Tempelhof not filling out evenly

8 years ago

So here's the deal. (Kinda funny story actually.)

Our landscaper put this little conifer in the corner of our little garden without explaining too much about it. When it when in, it actually looked fairly full. Too our surprise, most of the inner needles went brown and fell out, making the tree look a little bit like a Charlie Brown Christmas. When we asked him about what we thought was a sad little tree, we felt a little blown off, being told that everything's fine.

I just pulled out the invoice from when it went in 2 years ago, and just learned that it is a Japanese White Pine (Pinus parviflora) "Tempelhof". Of course, now I realize what I wish we would have known originally-- that the baren inner branches are part of the tree's identity. After looking a many other picture of the tree, I'm actually come to appreciate the graceful beauty and uniqueness of this conifer. And extremely relieved to realize that our tree is not some diseased-looking Douglas Fir.

However, I'm still concerned on how it's filling out. The top 1/3 seems to be doing very well with a lot of new growth, whereas the bottom 2/3 is a lot more stunted. I read about "candle pruning" as a way to stimulate growth, but there barely are any "candles" except on the top.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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