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ID confirmation and advice, please

Crenda 10A SW FL
6 years ago

I received this as a cutting from a GW member. It was labeled as Sedeveria 'Sorrento' when he bought it. I thought the clipping looked a little etiolated, but since I was putting it in the sun if figured it would straighten out and have a tighter rosette.

I don't think it has tightened up much at all! I can't find much information on the plant, but mine does not look like the pictures I have found. It has several branches and even those look etiolated to me.

You can see it has bent over the pot, then branched. Some older leaves are dropping, but everything else looks healthy and firm.

Does this plant tend to sprawl? Does it trail? Heck, do I even have the correct ID?

I need to repot since it is tipping over. Should I be beheading and starting some clippings, or is this the way it grows and I should leave it be? It was about a 3 inch clipping when I received it in August last year. All of that growth has been in the last 9-10 months.

Thanks in advance for any advice or comments!

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