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Plant & Garden Related Swap 2:30 - 4:30PM Dinner Optional After Swap

Gretchen W.
6 years ago

The swap we had in April was a great success & I was asked to have another one. For some the day I picked may not be a good day as it is June 19th (Fathers Day). If you can't make it we understand. So far on the meet up group we are up to ten participants. I have other meet up groups that I will be inviting as well. This is a plant swap as well as garden related items. I went and cleaned out the garden related items and have three or four hose nozzles that I am sure will find a happy home as well as some other misc. garden items that I simply don't need any more. Relating to plants I have cherry tomatoes that I started from seed! I did something correct because this is the first time I have had great success! (( I don't mind parting with them right now if you want to contact me and we can meet up in a certain area to make the trade before the swap.)) I am running out of room in my shed, right now as we speak. I have available about 14 plants. The tomatoes are over 10 inches tall. This swap is about a month away.

I also included dinner optional after the swap so that we can talk more plant shop. That is entirely up to anyone who like me doesn't want to go home right after the swap.

As for want and have listings - I guess add on to this listing and I will do my best to post what others have and want from the meet up groups.

Oh, I guess I better add the address as this would help to know where you are going.

Horizon Unitarian Church - 1641 West Hebron Parkway - Carrollton - 75010

What is this church near? If your not familiar with the area - here are a few landmarks that are helpful.

Across the street is Coyote Ridge Public Golf Course & Grill.

On the same side of the church is Shotgun Blasters that has thick black fencing around the building. That is at the intersection of Fairway Drive. In that area is Zocados Mexican Food. There is a Subway and I highly say don't go there. I am still getting over a bad case of food poisoning. In the other strip mall there is Maverick Sports Grill along with Papa's Italiano and then Burger King.

The church is on West Hebron Parkway near 121 and it is the last exit that does not have a toll to get off onto West Hebron Parkway. The next two traffic lights just after going under 121 on W Hebron Parkway there is a Mobil 7-11 & Taco Bueno & Chicken Express & Sonic & the New Dairy Queen should be open!

3040 Round Grove turns into Hebron Parkway from Lewisville.

We had a few that were confused and did get lost so I want to make sure what their is in the area.

You can contact me on here and later on I will post my cell phone number.




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