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Which Option Should I Choose?

Jim Lenz
7 years ago

I have an approximate 3,000 square foot home with finished basement. I had 4 companies over for an estimate but none completed a load calculation. I currently have Bryant 310AAV 80% 120,000 fixed furnace and Bryant 561C 5 ton 10 seer AC unit.

I have some major challenges as my basement was finished after the HVAC was put in and while there are returns and outlets, it is always very cold. I also have very hot areas in the top floor which I understand is somewhat normal.

I already have a media cabinet and humidifier which all contractors said are fine for the new system.

I am looking to get a 2 stage, 96% variable unit. I understand this should help some of my circulation issues, though won't solve it. Cost = $8600

1. Lennox EL 296V 135,000 variable, 2 stage, 96%, 10/2 warranty with XC 14 5 ton Seer 15 AC with 10/2 warranty.

2. Carrier 59tp6, variable, 2 stage, 96% with Carrier 24ACC6 5 ton, Seer 16, 10/2 warranty for bot. Evaporator coil is Cased N 24". No other specifics Cost = $7690

3. Carrier Infinity 96 59TN6A120V24-22, 120,000 variable, 2 stage with Carrier 24ACC660 5 ton, Seer 16, Carrier Cased N, coil and Infinity Thermostat SYSTXCCITC01-A, 10/10 warranty on both. Cost = $8429

4. Trane XV95 120,000 variable 2 state, 96% with Trane XR 13, 5 ton, Seer 13, 10/2 warranty Cost = $9835

I am leaning toward option 3 as it is a better furnace plus thermostat for a little more than option 2. Plus it has 10 year parts and labor warranty from vendor, not 3rd party.

I would appreciate any thoughts. Thanks.

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