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causes of "bull-heading"??? buds that don't open properly???

7 years ago

Can improper opening/development of rose buds be due to nutritional insufficiencies, or something? I ask because I have problems with Reine des Violettes and Charles XII producing unsatisfactory flowers ,that look much like the pictures posted here of bull-heads 

now, admittedly, this year we are having some very cool and wet weather considering that it's May, but both plants have done this even in warm, dry years. I do remember that last year, after dousing the soil around one of my RdV's with a lot of cracked corn,the plant put out a wonderful flush of bloom, but I am hesitant to use cracked corn this year because of all the awful problems I've been having with those d****d badgers (who are omnivores). I DO remember also that someone-I think at Peter Beales-advised that using tomato fertilizer on roses can help to combat balling somewhat. Now, balling also tends to be weather-related, though not exclusively I think-so I was just wondering...any thoughts?

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