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Growing a mimosa where one was previously...good or bad idea?

7 years ago

We had a mimosa cut down that was too big and too close to a recently renovated sun porch (didn't want to run the risk of the tree breaking and damaging the new construction). Also, the tree was no longer in good shape. So here is my question....we still want a mimosa where the old one was, but in digging today I discovered that what is about 7 inches down below the surface is the old stump and roots. The contractor did remove the stump - I think they go down about 4 inches - but of course everything else is still down there. We'd prefer the same as approximately the same location where the old one was, but I'm not sure it's a great idea to put it in a hole where there is all the remains of the old one. Of course, I assume that old stump and roots will be breaking down eventually.'s the other thing....anyone who has had mimosa knows how it constantly puts out new ones from the seeds, etc. I've been pulling them out for years. Now that the old tree is gone, however, I was hoping for a sapling to use to start a new tree. All I was able to find so far is what I thought was a sapling but turned out to be growth on top of a root that was part surface and part under ground. So, I dug out the entire root (which itself also has roots), wrapped the whole thing inside the hole I dug, and planted it. Good idea or bad? What I'm thinking is that if indeed this thing even grows will it be anchored well? There was no actual root to it other than the big root that the mimosa was growing from. Hope I'm explaining all this ok! So...better to wait and see if some other true sapling (with its own roots) pops up OR go to the nursery and get a nice tree. They grow fast which is why we were thinking a decent sapling would be fine. Thanks....

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