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new emerald zoysia sod browning slightly

6 years ago

I llaid the new sod 3 days ago and it has looked green especially after a hard over night rain now yesterday I get home and I have 2 clusters of brown patches about 3 pieces of sod each. One near the curb liNE and one in a slightly lower level of my yard I tilled up my soil and add half the amount of recommended starter fretilzer to the soil laid the sod and have been watering 4 times a day for 7 minutes per zone. Too much water so Im cutting back to deep watering in the morning and light in the afternoon to keep it moisy

My question is that is it normal for sod to brown a little at seams and in small patches? I appreciate any and all imput as I am new to yard care. Photo is morning after the heavy rain

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