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Help with kitchen layout/design

7 years ago

We are planning to do a full kitchen renovation on a 1947 mid century modern house. To keep the cost down, we are not moving the exterior walls or touching the roof. It will be open concept between the living area, dining area and kitchen. We are planning to put in a small mudroom/pantry, a small home office and a side entry on the east side of the house ( right side in the picture). Our architect recommended that we have counters along both the north and south walls to preserve the views (top and bottom of the picture respectively) with a 7' long island in between. That means we only have one full height wall along the east side. The roof is sloped. The ceiling is about 7.5' high on the south side and rises to about 10.5' on the north side. Other than the front door and the windows in the living area on the south side of the house, all the windows can be changed. I did not put the existing windows in for the north and east sides. Currently, we are planning to get a 36" range and a 48" fridge. We want the range to be against a wall (preferably an exterior wall). The architect recommends we put the range against the interior wall on the east side.

This picture shows the dimensions of the house.

In addition to the proposed layout from the architect, we have been playing with a couple of others.

Layout Alternate #1

Layout Alternate #2

We might be leaning toward Layout Alternate #1, but we are really not sure what will work the best. We would really appreciate some advice. Thanks!

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