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Recipe Question; what do you make that is odd?

7 years ago

So our next cooking club is devoted to unusual combinations.

The only thing I make that could be termed as such is my tomato/watermelon/feta salad, but that has become pretty mainstream. I also make bruschetta with fresh ricotta, drizzled honey and fresh ground black pepper, but I have made that before for a BBQ.

So, I am racking my brain. A good friend once made me a Mexican dish that had chicken and prunes in a spicy cream sauce (it was yummy) and she also made me a ground beef stew with cinnamon.

Our local burger place puts honey and jalapeno in vanilla milkshakes. I have had coffee rubbed grilled meat and plenty of mole. I once had a small course of fish and bananas in cream sauce at a lovely Cotswold BnB. Can't see myself making any of those things.

Ideas? Anything you already make? I don't want to experiment on this one!

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