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Kitchen Layout - Blank Canvas with a door to the backyard

7 years ago

Small old house, 2 floors, 1000 sqft.

Me 5'4" DH 6'3" and a 3yr old - we like to entertain, cook and bake. We also cook from scratch. Future homework should ideally be done on the dining room table so keeping my line of sight forward is somewhat important. I'm also a clean counter, all appliances hidden type person.

We leave a fruit bowl, electric kettle and a tiny espresso machine out on the counter.

We need to fit laundry (stackable - washer - 27" x 38 11/16" x 29 3/4" (51" D w/door), dryer 38" tall) Current plan is to build a closet with a regular door for it?

All windows/doors are movable along that end wall, existing window isn't even counterheight. Plumbing and electrical can be moved anywhere.

We have a 30" fridge with bottom freezer black, the large Ikea Bredskar sink 24x18 and everything else is undecided. Ideally wall oven and induction cooktop but I'm all about functional spaces.

Style wise minimalist, Maple butcherblock, flat painted white cabinets and light matte tile.

First Floor - Floor Plan

From my Ikea kitchen planner - nearly exact dimensions

Current Winner - white box is laundry, and there's a ton of fridge cabinets so I have a place to put like, paper towel from Costco. There's dead space against the wall in 2 places, seemed hard to avoid.

All suggestions welcome, we're only committed to the laundry, fridge and sink.

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