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Need Help with fake Plumeria listing on Etsy

8 years ago

About two weeks ago, my wife and I bought what we thought was a "rare" plumeria color listed on Etsy. Cutting arrived without issue but we have since learned that the color listed found here:

This color is nothing more than a photo shopped picture with colors added and not possible in nature.
I have filed a dispute with the shop owner, "Allan Shunto" via etsy and explained that this listing and all of his listings are a fraud and not possible in nature.
I've asked etsy to refund my money and banish this shop/owner from the site.
As part of the process etsy gives the owner and seller time to settle the dispute prior to their intervention.
So far I've asked for video verification of what he has said is a "cross bred" to make this cutting. So far all he has stated is how I have not provided any evidence to prove my case??
So, I'm calling on anyone on here who is an expert on plumeria and breeding/DNA.
Can someone help me or point me in the right direction of showing that this guy is a fraud and is stealing peoples money with his photo shopped, not real colors?

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