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Tiny kitchen/dining reveal

Navy Momma
6 years ago

Finally getting around to posting the completed renovation of my tiny kitchen and adjacent dining space. To recap, here was the original space:


Adjacent dining (door to kitchen is to the right of the brown armoire):

We removed the wall where the brown armoire was, and removed the single door that was in the kitchen space and placed a window there instead since we didn't need to adjacent doors leading to the same porch.

The small space did give us many limitations, but I am very happy with the finished space. It's very functional for its size and it's been working well for-us family of 5 with me as the primary cook.

basic design plan from overhead (this is the electrical plan but it's what I have handy):

Finished space:



Thanks so much to everyone on this forum who helped me and gave me so much to think about and consider. It was a great help!

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