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WHO NEEDS WEIRD FLOWER SEEDS? Trade u for common veggie seeds.....

7 years ago

Realbusy (GINA) here, the GW Refugee... well like I said previously, trying to get rid of stuff (And A lot of stuff is gone) but I still have tons of flower seeds I'd like to trade for just some common veggies , you know, peas, lettuce, spinach, eggplant, stuff like that...who is interested?? Please dont ask me to name them all but let me pick some for you if you tell me your zone and the colors you want and any preferences I'll see what I can do, but of course I'll send you more in return than what you will have to send me...these will go to our youth group. THIS IS LAST CALL FOR FLOWER SEEDS

GINA (Jean) PIZ!

President, Terra Nova Garden Club of Edison, NJ

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