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Help identify this weed with tiny white flowers

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

My neighbor has this weed growing in a waste area of coarse gravel where nothing else seems to grow. Some of the tiny white flowers at the top of the flowerstalk have the stigma and style sticking out noticeably above the corolla.

From the look of the very thin seedpods lower down the stem from the flowers it may be in the mustard family though crushing and smelling the pods I don't perceive that peppery smell. (And the more I look at these pods I wonder if they're the unopened flower buds.) It doesn't quite look like pepperweed. I thought maybe horseweed as the tiny white flowers are very similar but I don't know if that would be blooming in New England in April.

The leaves are mostly in a basal rosette but there are some small leaves along the lower parts of the flower stalk.

I took this photograph after taking the plant indoors to look at it better.

Any help identifying this would be appreciated.

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