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Acidifying soil for blueberry bushes.

6 years ago


I have been reading about ways to lower the pH of soil and the best option seems to be sulfur though it takes some time. I have added sulphur and tilled it into my soil about a month ago and need to get more. That said, I am curious to hear the thoughts of some experienced gardeners on very carefully watering blueberry plants (that are currently in a neutral soil) with water that is acidified with something fairly natural such as vinegar or food grade citric acid. Now, I don't mean eyeballing a splash of vinegar into some water and "see what happens" kind of approach. I am suggesting mixing water with one of the above so that the pH is no lower than 5.0... say somewhere between 5.0 and 6.0 (confirming with litmus paper). I'm not expecting that a few waterings would do much, but more of a long term approach in conjuncion with sulphur meanwhile checking the soil on a regular basis to ensure it's not too low. I know I have heard not to use straight vinegar or other acidic substances, but my initial thought is that this is a bad approach simply because most would carelessly add said ingredients at full strength which would be shocking to any plant and also kill off good microbes in the soil. Curious on some thoughts around this if the pH of the water was within a safe range for blueberry plants. Thanks


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