Help me pick a mirror and sconces

5 years ago

My bathroom mirror situation is complicated by a beam. The vanity is 7' long and centered in it will be a 36" trough sink with two faucets. If I use a round mirror above the sink I can do sconces to the sides of the mirror and not encroach too much on the ships' knee of the beam. See my drawing

Any suggestions for a mirror and sconces? For the mirror, framed or frameless? If framed, wood or metal. I would prefer to keep cost of mirror below $300.

The vanity is warm medium brown(Shrock Cherry Tundra), the beam is golden with lots of dark knots. The floors are beige(Florida Tile Soul- Spirit Pearl looks much yellower in the mockup than in real life), the faucets are polished chrome. I havent picked cabinet hardware yet, but I am smitten by these tortoise shell ones(I think I like the dark ones, but I show all three colors. The shower will have pebble tile floor and accent and will be plank, white tiles, not subway. The planks are 8 x 24.

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